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Posted by on 14 August 2017

Overbilt Tilt2 730x395

How To Choose Between A Tilt Trailer And A Beavertail Trailer

When you want to get your load from the ground onto your trailer, you’ll want to mull over your two options: tilt or beavertail. The solution to your loading question will become clear as you consider the pros and cons of each.


Posted by on 14 August 2017

Overbilt Suspension 730x379

How to Choose the Best Suspension For Your Custom Trailer-Highway, Off-Road, Or Hybrid

Choosing the right suspension can make the difference between you becoming a relatively carefree trailer owner or a burdened one, having to regularly schedule maintenance appointments for your trailer. How do you know which suspension is right for you? We’ll help you sort through the options.

The first question to consider is what you’re hauling. The axles, in concert with the suspension, determine how much weight your trailer can carry. For example, if the trailer has two axles that carry 10,000 pounds, your suspension would need to carry at least 20,000 pounds. To prevent trailer suspension failure, you need to match the rating of your suspension with the rating of the axles under the trailer.

The next question to consider is where you’re hauling. The function of the suspension determines how the trailer rides going down the highway or, if it’s an off-road trailer, how it rides in an off-road setting. There’s also a suspension that’s best when your hauling needs involve both settings.

Overbilt does not manufacture suspensions because we utilize experts who manufacture only suspensions. We look to them to provide us exactly what you need for your unique trailer, because each trailer we build is as unique as our customers. We make recommendations based on your custom-built trailer needs.


Posted by on 13 July 2017

dropside1 730x2

Three Slants On Custom Trailer Ramps

Trailer ramps are often referred to as beaver tails—broad, strong additions to a trailer that lift and drop to load and unload your trailer. And clearly, a ramp is necessary to load a heavy vehicle or piece of machinery onto your trailer. But one size doesn’t fit all. You have options.
Overbilt offers three types of trailer ramps you can choose from as we manufacture your trailer. Your ramp must be robust enough to withstand heavy wear and tear over time. Imagine loading a bulldozer onto your trailer with its cleats slowly rolling up the ramp. Or heaving your ramp on and off the trailer and letting it slam to the ground. Ramps take nothing short of a beating.
Here are the three types of trailer ramps we offer and details about why you might want to consider one over the others.


Posted by on 13 July 2017

Dynamometer trailer1 730x2

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Overbilt’s Custom Trailers

Do you need a custom trailer, but are not sure what to expect from Overbilt?
We are custom builders, privileged to guide you through the process so that you end up with the exact trailer you need. These are the most common questions we receive, in no particular order. We hope the answers are the ones you’re looking for.


Posted by on 13 July 2017

Monster Truck Trailer 730x2

Overbilt Delivers Exactly The Custom-Built Trailer You Need

You’ve got a problem. You need to haul loads. Either you don’t have the necessary trailer or your current system for hauling just isn’t cutting it. You need a solution.
Approaching Overbilt, your first question might be simple, something like, “In what lengths do you make the kind of trailer I need?” More likely than a straightforward answer, you’ll hear us probing for more information: “Tell us what you are trying to accomplish, and we will make it happen. We build exactly what you need.”


Posted by on 13 July 2017

15 Ton Gooseneck 730x2

Custom-Built Gooseneck Trailers: How To Know Which One Is Right For You

A custom-built Gooseneck trailer can haul almost anything, from tractors to horses! Their incredible towing capacity and stable weight distribution make them an excellent option for carrying your heaviest and most valuable equipment to and from just about anywhere.
Like most trailers, goosenecks come in several different models, and each one serves a different purpose. To help you find the perfect one for your needs, let’s take a closer look at these trailers, their benefits, and the most common types.


Posted by on 13 July 2017

Lift axle3 1024x2

Custom Tag-A-Long Trailer: How To Find Exactly What You’re Looking For

Using multiple trucks and trailers to transport equipment from jobsite to jobsite? Making those double (and triple) trips with numerous trucks, trailers, and employees can certainly take up a lot of time, manpower, and overhead. If you’re thinking there has to be a better way that doesn’t dig into your profit margins, you’re right.
Enter the tag-a-long trailer. These trailers provide an efficient way to haul equipment while streamlining your business operations in the process.
Let’s explore the ins and outs of the tag-a-long trailer to ensure you find exactly what your business needs.


Posted by on 13 July 2017

35 T lowboy 730x2

How To Choose The Right Lowboy Trailer

Are you looking for a well-built, durable trailer to haul equipment and machinery all across the United States? No matter what you’re hauling, it’s important that your goods arrive safe and secure. As you know, accidents and damages have the potential to lead to major losses in profits, downtime, reputation, and more.
One of the most common equipment transportation methods is the semi-trailer. This type of trailer is quite advantageous for companies that need to load large items. However, without a drop deck, it is nearly impossible to load oversized pieces.
So, what should you do if you need to haul something so heavy and so large that it can not be easily inserted into a standard semi-trailer?
You get a lowboy.


Posted by on 13 July 2017

Custom built trailers2

Overbilt Trailers' Summer Maintenance Checklist

When was the last time you performed a thorough maintenance check on your custom trailer? If you can’t remember – it’s definitely been too long! By maintaining your trailer, you’ll not only prolong its life, but you’ll also improve its resale value. Performing routine maintenance on your trailer will ensure the safest and most efficient trips on the open road. Here is a maintenance checklist to keeping your trailer hauling smoothly throughout the summer – and beyond!


Posted by on 12 July 2017

Forestry Fire Fighting Tilt 730x395

Custom Built Trailer Of The Month: Forestry Firefighting Tilt Trailer

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