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Posted by on 13 July 2017

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Custom Tag-A-Long Trailer: How To Find Exactly What You’re Looking For

Using multiple trucks and trailers to transport equipment from jobsite to jobsite? Making those double (and triple) trips with numerous trucks, trailers, and employees can certainly take up a lot of time, manpower, and overhead. If you’re thinking there has to be a better way that doesn’t dig into your profit margins, you’re right.
Enter the tag-a-long trailer. These trailers provide an efficient way to haul equipment while streamlining your business operations in the process.
Let’s explore the ins and outs of the tag-a-long trailer to ensure you find exactly what your business needs.

What is a tag-a-long Trailer?

A tag-a-long trailer is designed to haul extra equipment such as a backhoe or excavator behind another vehicle like a dump truck. Tag-a-long trailers are pulled behind a towing vehicle by either a bumper hitch or a pintle hitch setup.
Bumper hitch setups mount onto the vehicle’s bumper while the pintle hitch is mounted onto the bumper of the vehicle with a hook and looped to the trailer. Of the two options, the pintle hitch setup is more heavy duty, offering more towing capacity.

What is the Main Benefit of a Tag-A-Long Trailer?

Using a tag-a-long trailer streamlines your operations by reducing the vehicles, manpower, and time needed to haul heavy machinery. With this type of trailer, for example, you wouldn’t need to attach a lowboy trailer to a second truck to haul to your equipment to a new location if you’re already moving your dump truck there. Instead, you can simply haul the equipment on the tag-a-long trailer behind your dump truck. Your entire operation will move efficiently from jobsite to jobsite, requiring less downtime and manpower and freeing up more time to focus on getting the job done.

Custom vs. Non-Custom

You’ll find both custom and non-custom tag-a-long trailer available on the market. While the non-custom version features a standard design, custom tag-a-long trailer, as the name implies, are personalized to your specifications.
Customizing your tag-a-long trailer means more than just getting a bigger one. You can actually design your trailer according to its function so it can save you time when loading, chaining down, and hauling your equipment. With your tag-a-long trailer configured to meet the specific hauling needs of your business, you could potentially haul multiple pieces of equipment on one customized trailer, instead of using several undersized tag-a-long trailer of standard design.
If you’ve ever had to use a trailer that’s too small or simply not designed to haul your specific equipment, you can imagine just how efficient this custom piece of equipment could be!

How to Shop for a Tag-A-Long Trailer

Details make all the difference, especially when buying a tag-a-long trailer. When shopping for your trailer, carefully consider not only the size of the equipment but also these other specifications.

  • Axle placement: Remember that the location of the axle affects tower stability. Weigh the available options carefully, considering the axle’s relation to the trailer’s tongue weight as well.
  • Capacity: Keep in mind the minimum towing capacity you’ll need.
  • Length: Be sure to consider the length of the largest item you’ll haul.
  • Width: How wide is the largest item on your haul list? Remember to consult the Federal Size Regulations for Commercial Motor Vehicles when considering trailer dimensions.
  • Deck height: What you plan to haul and how you plan to load it will determine this specification.
  • Tongue length: Be sure to allow for enough clearance from the trailer to the bumper of the tow vehicle.
  • Suspension type: Compare your suspension type options alongside your trailer size and capacity to ensure the smoothest ride possible.
  • Loading Ramp: The tilt loading ramp uses a hydraulic lift to lower the trailer for loading. A beavertail loading ramp slopes downward for easier loading from the ground.
  • Options available: Make a list of any extras that you can’t do without.
Custom Built Tag-A-Long Trailers From Overbilt

If you can’t find the tag-a-long trailer you’re looking for, go custom! A custom-built tag-a-long trailer can be made to suit your hauling needs. Take the heavy lifting out of equipment transportation and make hauling complex loads a breeze.
At Overbilt Trailer Company, we take pride in manufacturing custom trailers of all kinds, from tag-a-long trailers and lowboy trailers to flatbed trailers and more. We build our custom models to meet your business objectives and provide a smooth ride every time.
We’ve recently worked on these two custom-built tag-a-long trailers.


The Dropside Tag-A-Long is one of the most popular options at Overbilt Trailer Company. This heavy-duty trailer offers numerous key features for hauling machinery and equipment.

  • Dual-wheel axle assembly
  • 2-speed landing gear with foot pad
  • 30-ton towing ring
  • Lights: 4 turn, 4 running, clearance, rear marker, and tag
  • Heavy-duty wire with commercial connectors
  • 2 safety chains with hooks
  • 2″ oak plank flooring
  • Side pockets with 1/2″ x 2″ steel rub rail
  • Factory installed, sealed, and vapor proof
  • Beavertails: Self-cleaning, 4’ to 5′ long, with folding, adjustable and removable ramps

Designed for greater towing capacity and superior performance, Tri-Axle Tilt Tag-a-Longs are available as 20-Ton and 25-Ton options.

  • Length: 20’ to 40’ deck
  • Width: 8’6” standard—custom widths available
  • Axle placement: Varies
  • Capacity: 20- to 25-ton platform carrying capacity
  • Brake type: Antilock air brakes
  • Suspension type: Spring-ride or air-ride options
  • Loading ramp: Tilt or beavertail options
  • Deck height: 36” loaded
  • Tongue length: 5’ standard—other lengths available
Maximize the Efficiency of Your Business Operation with a Custom-Built Tag-A-Long Trailer

To be sure your trailer meets every need on your list, consider shopping for a custom-built tag-a-long trailer.
Using a standard tag-a-long trailer, may meet many of your equipment specifications, but you’ll also end up making do with elements that don’t quite meet your needs. This can add up to time and money wasted as you try to match your tasks to your trailer’s setup.
Why not save yourself the trouble and choose a custom-built model? You have a lot riding on your trailer. Your business needs one that’s well suited to your operations.
If you’re looking for a custom tag-a-long trailer that’s built to maximize the efficiency of your business, contact our team today.

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