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20 Ton Tilt Gooseneck1 730x2
20-Ton Tilt Gooseneck Trailer

Our 20-ton tilt gooseneck trailer is great for all of your hauling needs! It is equipped with many features, including dual wheel tandem axles, 2-two speed landing gear with foot pads, heavy duty wire with commercial connectors. Read below for more included features.

Standard Features:

Frame Specifications:

Trailer Dimensions:

Optional Add-Ons:

At Overbilt, we take pride in the excellence in quality of design, workmanship, and customer service we offer our customers. We consistently maintain a top position in the manufacturing of custom heavy equipment trailers. Let’s do business! For more information about our 20-ton gooseneck trailer or to get a quote, contact us today!


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About Overbilt

Overbilt Trailer Company manufactures custom, heavy equipment trailers. The full line consists of tag-a-long and tilt trailers, lowboy and flatbed trailers, fifth wheel trailers, and custom trailers. Overbilt designs are fabricated to meet the individual needs of our customers' specific business applications. The abundance of standard features on our heavy equipment trailers as well as their quality of manufacture makes Overbilt Trailers second to none. We know you have a lot riding on our trailers, so our goal is excellence in quality, workmanship, and customer service worldwide. We are committed to work only with suppliers, dealers, and distributors who support these same goals.

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